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You’ll still be able to search, browse and read our articles, but you won’t be able to register, edit your account, purchase content, or activate tokens or eprints during that period.International Love Scout, one of the oldest, most respected sources for news about international dating exposed a feminist attack on mail order brides. Radical feminists have been telling ridiculous lies about international dating for thirty years and it is hard to catch them red handed.The more research these young academics did the more they discovered that experiences of the couples they researched were not following the patterns expected from feminist theory.Mail order bride marriages tended to be happier and last longer than other marriages. And incidents of reported domestic violence were tiny compared to other married couples.This particular feminist attack on the truth started with a frontal assault from the British newspaper It was an impressive attack, full of sound, fury, and melodrama.The comments on this Reddit actually fit perfectly with feminist theory about mail order brides – too perfectly to actually be true.These reports of a Reddit were being treated as scientific evidence by journalists and researchers, but they simply did not “smell” right to people who had read every major academic study on international romance published in the last twenty years.So, the staff at International Love Scout printed the entire Reddit. Then they spent three weeks reading, classifying, and sorting all of the responses.

The researchers were often shocked that the women had more agency – which is ridiculous feminist lingo for control and power – in the United States, Canada, or Australia than they had in their home countries.Instead, as the months went by new articles were published that cited the curious articles about the Reddit as proof of the evils of international dating.This drove the guys at International Love Scout nuts.They were ostracized and given the academic hiring is always a popularity contest it probably end the careers of a few of these young women.The guys at International Love Scout knew these attacks were simply too perfect, so they went to the Reddit and tried to check the quotes.

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Of course, older professors were horribly offended.

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