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If the aircraft you're searching for is not in this list, use the 'Keywords' field further down in the search menus.Some menu selections include a generic aircraft model, as well as more specific variants of that airliner.Angie recommended Wendell get a second opinion from Dr. The doctor monitored him for a few days at Christ Hospital, but before long, he knew it would take something more to turn his health around – Wendell needed a new heart. Chung’s opinion, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center was the only place to go for a heart transplant.He had partnered with Ohio State before, so he knew he’d be able to stay actively involved in Wendell’s care.Note: The total number of photos, enclosed in brackets, is updated four (4) times hourly, and may be slightly inaccurate.Photographers must have 100 or more photos in the database before their name is included in this selection menu..

Once at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center, Wendell entered a few days of testing.As part of the hospital’s program, a former heart transplant patient came to speak with him.His name was Willy, and he answered all of Wendell’s questions candidly and put all of his fears to rest. Crestanello came out to reassure Angie and Wendell’s family that everything had gone well. Chung in Cincinnati and with the care team at Ohio State.Our researchers were among the first in the nation to evaluate the use of cyclosporine, a drug that suppresses the immune system and dramatically improves the success of organ transplantation.Our research teams are currently studying new methods to lengthen the amount of time a heart remains viable for transplantation and are constantly exploring new ways to improve the transplant experience for patients.

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After the inhaler didn’t work, his doctor recommended Wendell get a stress test.

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