Updating garmin streetpilot

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A link to the plug-in is located in the resource section below.Once it's installed, you can download the updated map for your Street Pilot c340.As time goes on, cities and towns change and expand and new places are founded, creating the need for new maps.To provide the most accurate directions, Garmin provides updated maps that reflect these changes to its customers. You will see turn-by-turn directions instead of the moving map.Garmin is a company that offers a wide variety of electronic devices, among them global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation systems.The Street Pilot c320 and c330 systems are very similiar. Press and Hold the Moving Avg box for several seconds. The c320 system is a little cheaper and uses SD cards. Both these units rock, have many features, are frequently updated, and are rather inexpensive now.

You can contact support for consumer products by calling 1-800-800-1020 or by clicking on the "Email Product Support" link, located in the resource section below.

The site will detect the connected device and register it. All available free map updates and purchased maps appear next to the device in the home screen.

Click "Order now" for a free map update or "Add to device" to download purchased map updates. Launch the program and click the device you want to update, if prompted.

Press and hold the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Turn the GPS on (and continue to hold the right hand corner). A warning screen will appear and ask if you want to continue. This is excellent after buying a used unit or after moving to clear all your data.

When asked to enter a house number, just click Done.

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