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The finished subtitle file is used to add the subtitles to the picture, either: Subtitles can also be created by individuals using freely available subtitle-creation software like Subtitle Workshop for Windows, Movie Captioner for Mac/Windows, and Subtitle Composer for Linux, and then hardcode them onto a video file with programs such as Virtual Dub in combination with VSFilter which could also be used to show subtitles as softsubs in many software video players.For multimedia-style Webcasting, check: Same-language captions, i.e., without translation, were primarily intended as an aid for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.Internationally, there are several major studies which demonstrate that same-language captioning can have a major impact on literacy and reading growth across a broad range of reading abilities.This method of subtitling is used by national television broadcasters in China and in India such as Doordarshan.Real time subtitles are also challenged by typographic errors or mis-hearing of the spoken words, with no time available to correct before transmission.Some programs may be prepared in their entirety several hours before broadcast, but with insufficient time to prepare a timecoded caption file for automatic play-out.

In practice, however, these "real time" subtitles will typically lag the audio by several seconds due to the inherent delay in transcribing, encoding, and transmitting the subtitles.Pre-prepared captions look similar to offline captions, although the accuracy of cueing may be compromised slightly as the captions are not locked to program timecode.Newsroom captioning involves the automatic transfer of text from the newsroom computer system to a device which outputs it as captions.Voice-over: Countries in Europe usually using Gavrilov translations, which feature one or two voices, while lowering the volume of the original soundtrack; examples are Poland and Russia.This method is used in TV broadcasting, but dubbing is also used in these countries.

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The "CC in a TV" symbol Jack Foley created, while senior graphic designer at Boston public broadcaster WGBH that invented captioning for television, is public domain so that anyone who captions TV programs can use it.

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