Starcraft 2 not updating

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In Legacy of the Void we changed the amount of resources in each base to promote expanding and discourage overly defensive playstyles.While this change did have the intended results, we think that there might be a way to make comebacks easier when players are denied a 3 base.This means that bases take longer to completely run out, but since it’s only the large mineral node being adjusted, players are still encouraged to take new bases to increase their mineral income rate," Blizzard explained in the update announcement."This should also decrease some of the pressure on new players to secure new bases right away." Multiple units from all three races are also being redesigned, or in the case of the Protoss Mothership Core, removed outright.The changes in this blog are live on the Testing section of Star Craft II Multiplayer, and we would like to release the final changes after this year’s tournament season concludes in November.In the sections below we outline the proposed changes, and give some of our thoughts on each one to explain what we would like to accomplish.

We wanted to also take a look at Terran caster units and see where we could make changes to have them become more useful earlier in the game, or in smaller numbers.

Online play should be more responsive, and the UI in online areas has been improved.

There are some known issues, such as the profile section being inaccessible.

This time around our general focus is to address underused units and abilities while also trying to reduce sudden game ending moments.

As with last year, this design patch will require a large amount of testing, feedback and revision before it can go live for everyone to enjoy, so we wanted to get it into your hands for testing as fast as possible.

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Blizzard has begun testing a new Star Craft 2 design patch intended to "address underused units and abilities while also trying to reduce sudden game ending moments." Multiple units are being redesigned, the Protoss Mothership Core is being dropped altogether, and the economy is being updated as well to help make comebacks easier, even without a third or fourth base.