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When volcanic rocks and minerals are formed, they do not contain fission tracks.The number of tracks increases over time at a rate that depends on the uranium content.Sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later.Instead, other methods are used to work out a fossil’s age.Each volcanic eruption produces a new deposit of ash and rock.Fossils and other objects that accumulate between these eruptions lie between two different layers of volcanic ash and rock.

The heat from a volcanic eruption releases all the argon from the molten rock and disperses it into the atmosphere.Measuring the proportions of argon-39 and argon-40 within a sample allows the age of the sample to be determined.Only one sample is required for this method as both the argon-39 and argon-40 can be extracted from the same sample.The website you're trying to access is hosted by Museums Victoria.We're doing some maintenance on our servers right now, so our websites are offline for a short while.

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