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The kicker, of course, was that the "girl" Naughton met in a chat room called "dads&daughterssex" was an FBI agent trawling for pedophiles, and even the decoy he met on the Santa Monica pier Sept. Though an alternate juror I spoke with was convinced that Naughton, 34, went to the pier that night with every intention of having sex with a minor, most of the men on the jury were not so sure.

She didn't hear anything from him for two years until she learned of his arrest.Once, I got this report card and it had all these A's, but it had an A minus in religion or handwriting or something minor.My mother always signed the report card like a rubber stamp.He sent "kris LA" links to stories about Patrick Naughton as well as photos of himself (including one of what he said was his erect penis) and bragged about his accomplishments and status in the Internet world.(Before working at Infoseek, which Disney bought and merged into the Go Network, Naughton had been an executive at Paul Allen's Starwave, and at Sun Microsystems he had been among the engineers who wrote the code for Java.) But that was part of the fantasy, it seems.

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Specifically, the court was defending the right of individuals to possess images that appear to be child pornography -- when in fact they were digitally manipulated.

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