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Meyer undertook to demonstrate that similar references to the twelve tribes can be detected in James “But even if Meyer is correct in his contention that a ‘Letter of Jacob’ forms the basis of James, it by no means follows that he is equally correct in contending that the former can be recovered by eliminating minimal Christian additions in 1:1; 2:1; ; and .He seems vastly to have underestimated the contributions of the Christian editor.

James, as we have it, is unambiguously the work of a Christian author, whose training was Hellenistic but whose religious background was firmly Hebraic." TIB XII 1955 According to Sophie Laws' (revised by Walter T.James, as is also the case with “certain other epistles, toward the close of some Pauline letters...and in Heb.” [Hebrews] “13” [has] “sequences of sayings-groups and isolated sayings arranged with little apparent logical order…Then, since these two occurrences of ‘Jesus Christ’ are the only explicit Christian terms in the letter, the remainder, they argued, not only represented a use of Jewish tradition, but was Jewish tradition and nothing else. saw that if the Christian ‘interpolation’ in 1:1 was recognized as such, the original opening words could be read “Jacob, a servant of God, to the twelve tribes in the dispersion: Greeting.’…And for a letter from Jacob to the ‘twelve tribes’ a well-known biblical precedent was provided by Gen.” [Genesis] “49, where Jacob addresses the ‘ancestor’ of each tribe in turn….

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The Christian debate over Justification is still unsettled, see also Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, Biblical law in Christianity, and New Perspective on Paul.

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