Df not updating solaris

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Df not updating solaris

Problem Summary: The HA-Oracle database resource will not fail over when the public network fails when the HA-Oracle database is configured to use the Grid Infrastructure SCAN listener.

Workaround: When using the Oracle Grid Infrastructure SCAN listener with an HA-Oracle database, add a logical host with an IP address that is on the same subnet as the SCAN listener to the HA-Oracle database resource group.

Problem Summary: Extended attributes are not currently supported by cluster file systems.

When a user mounts a cluster file system with the SC[SUNW.

This real-time process is new for Oracle RAC 12c and is allowed for Oracle Solaris Cluster.Also, file system allocation may not be optimal since all other free space is used before the still unfreed space.As a workaround, issuing a sync command or a failing umount command (issuing umount while current directory is in the file system in question) will process the extent list waiting to be freed. If using third party or custom programs that rely on the df report and updating to 3.4 is not possible, it is recommended to apply the point patch for Vx FS 3.3.3 (patch level 2).The following known issues and bugs affect the operation of the Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 release.Contact your Oracle support representative to learn whether a fix becomes available.

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Scal Mount Point:3,scalmnt-rg,scal-oradata-11g-rs,/usr/cluster/lib/rgm /rt/scal_mountpoint/scal_mountpoint_probe]: Probing thread for mountpoint /oradata/11g is hanging for timeout period 300 [email protected]:~# clzc reboot zoneclustername clzc: (C827595) "pnode2" is not in cluster mode. [email protected]:~# clzc halt zoneclustername clzc: (C827595) "pnode2" is not in cluster mode.