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Dating hall shame

As our ancestors spread across the globe, they were followed by wave upon wave of extinction.Countless species have died out and now there are more than 16,000 under threat, most from loss of habitat.Unconfirmed sightings were made after that, but the seal was officially declared extinct in 2008 after an extensive survey of its former range found no trace.Activists across the country are taking extraordinary measures to try to force Republican lawmakers to face them.The docile Caribbean monk seal was hunted remorselessly for its meat and, latterly, oil, which was used to lubricate plantation machinery.The last confirmed sighting was in 1952 on a reef between Nicaragua and Jamaica.Steller died during the expedition and news of the discovery wasn't published until 1751.

Rob Portman (R-OH), a crucial vote on health care, holds in the Capitol for out-of-state visitors.

By the 1860s, numbers were dwindling noticeably and, by 1890, the bird was rarely seen.

Laws were instituted to save it but they didn't work.

The bluebuck is thus the only large sub-Saharan mammal to go extinct in historical times.

(Image: Martin Harvey/Getty Images) The small Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is associated with the most infamous of all human-induced extinctions.

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