Dating a married man and self esteem

Posted by / 20-Aug-2017 15:47

In fact, having low or no self-esteem can seriously derail your love life in the following ways: You let guys treat you like crap.

You’re going to get taken advantage of because if you don’t know your own worth, no guy will.

You’ll always question if his love is real and wonder what day he’ll stop loving you. Negative people, however, will attract negative mates.

In the end, he’ll get sick of your doubt and your worry will be the exact thing that drives him away. You feel like crap about yourself already and you’ll attract men who are only going to make you feel worse.

You’re content that you have a relationship even if it’s not with the right guy. You don’t know your own worth so you’re unlikely to convince anyone else of it either, which is a shame.

You start to prioritize every other person above yourself because you believe they matter and you don’t. You might have loved him, but even more so you loved the fact that he loved you.

You base your self-worth on whether or not a guy likes you. If there isn’t a man to want you then you feel worthless. You don’t find yourself beautiful or likable but when a man sees that in you, then it might just be true.

When I look back at my bad old days, there’re a number of things that stand out as emblematic of who I was – the fear of letting go of a bad relationship because I didn’t think I could do any better, being unable to relax and enjoy my time with one woman because I couldn’t stop looking for the shoe to drop… But there is one very specific night that, to my mind, was one of the most representative of how bad things were.

I had gotten permission from my girlfriend at the time (warning sign #1) to go play in a Mage campaign with my friends.

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