Ashley williams dating josh radnor

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Ashley williams dating josh radnor

Lily and Ted feud about planning the wedding, which gets Ted to admit his regrets about letting go of Robin and Lily to confess her regrets about motherhood and her career.

Baby Marvin's bout of constipation stresses Lily and Marshall.

Marshall recommends his old law-school classmate Brad for a job at his firm, but the interview goes awry, and Marshall must do damage control with his boss.

Marshall challenges Robin to a dance-off after she is given credit at Mac Laren's for a cocktail he invented.Ted is reluctant to break up with his girlfriend Jeanette despite her unstable behavior, and Lily offers him advice.Meanwhile, after an adventurous experience babysitting, Robin finally overcomes her fear of holding baby Marvin and becomes emotionally attached to him.While trying to find out the identity of the person with whom Robin was once obsessed, Barney uncovers the 'Robin Sparkles' episode of the music-documentary series Underneath the Tunes.Marshall and Lily are concerned that Ted's latest girlfriend might be stalking him.

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Even though Ted and his new girlfriend share none of the same interests, Barney urges Ted to sleep with her, until they find out she is Barney's half-sister.

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